Ethical issues in the Training and Development of Dance Teachers in the Private Sector

photo of Sho
My PhD thesis is entitled “Ethical Issues in the Training and Development of Dance Teachers in the Private Sector”. The project considered evidence for the widely voiced claim that dance teaching and particularly the private dance teaching sector has rejected the traditional, overly authoritarian ‘teaching by terror’ methods in a move towards more ethical teaching practices. Qualitative research methods including written statements, video interviewing and autoethnography were used to gather data about past and recent dance teacher experiences of learning to dance and learning to teach. The purpose and influences of codes of ethics, conduct and practice on current dance teaching practices is explored in some depth. This project aimed to raise awareness of the need for the private dance teaching sector to commit to ethical dance teaching practices.

During the past decade or so I have given a number of presentations relating to ethics and dance including a presentation on aspects of my PhD research at the 20th meeting of the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) held in Birmingham, UK in October 2010. There was a good level of interest in the presentation and some excellent questions asked afterwards. It was wonderful to see the interest in ethics and dance increasing.

A copy of my PhD thesis is now available on the downloads page. You are welcome to download it for free.